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The curriculum of Cambridge School is designed to foster the intellectual, creative, social and ethical development of the young minds during the transition from childhood to adolescence. Affiliated to the C.B.S.E, New Delhi, Cambridge School Mangalore offers an excellent and challenging curriculum. The school also ensures that the student-teacher ratio remains less than 30:1 so that teachers can focus on the priorities and needs of the individual pupil. With an extensive and exciting curriculum, the school, at present, offers education for classes Jr K.G to grade X and allows admission till grade IX. The school is committed to guide the students through the curriculum with responsible teaching and nurture their development in every aspect of their life so that they become wise individuals with confidence and compassion. We offer our students an excellent and broad curriculum. Following are the subjects we offer at Cambridge School.

Sr.No. Course Board
3 Grade I CBSE
4 Grade II CBSE
5 Grade III CBSE
6 Grade IV CBSE
7 Grade V CBSE
8 Grade VI CBSE
9 Grade VII CBSE
10 Grade VIII CBSE
11 Grade IX CBSE
12 Grade X CBSE