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The library plays an integral role to explore beyond the syllabus and helps a student to create a pool of knowledge & creativity. Through an extensive collection of 6418 books, CDs & DVDs and journals, we aim to inculcate the love for reading in our students so that they can nurture their imagination. Besides, each class is provided with books which students can use to enhance their knowledge during their interval without wasting class hours. Students can also borrow their library books to take home.


We believe that ‘Art & Craft’ helps young minds explore innovative ideas and experience the essence of the creative world. Our workshops are well equipped to teach various forms of painting, drawing and craft.
The department of ‘Art & Craft’ is dynamic and encouraging, involving students in a variety of creative experiences.


At Cambridge School, we are committed to provide a diverse cultural of activities to our students and encouraging them to achieve their full potential alongside academic learning. The program of extracurricular activities offers the students the opportunity to learn any form of dance, including traditional, western and fusion. Students are also encouraged to take part in many of the events held in school.


Equipped with a well provided and standard music room, Cambridge school offers an exceptional musical opportunity to its pupils, irrespective of their learning levels. With professional training from experts, students are also encouraged to perform on special occasions.