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Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential. Liane Cardes
Sports and co-curricular activities are one of the ways we want to showcase our continuous effort to provide for our students the best of what we can offer. Our school aims to provide a learning platform that would help our students secure a place in the world of sports and other activities and truly open up a door that helps unlock their absolute potential. Our new sports programmes are just a taste of the efforts we have made that prove that we have the utmost trust in our talented students and at the same time are very optimistic that our endeavour will yield expected results.
We will provide the tools necessary for character building that will ensure that our students have apt skills such as discipline, comradery, accountability, responsibility, leadership as well as teach them the art of risk taking.
They say life is a long race that has been obstructed with hurdles that require perseverance and motivation and this is our way of saying that we have already made up our mind and tied our laces; put our game faces on and we really hope to meet you at finish line together!

  • - Mr. Kevin Albuquerque
  • Executive Director